TLA clients no longer need to always text Jason to establish times.

We just started with Mind Body and now clients can just login and book a session.

We have semi private AM sessions for our terrific business clientele, we offer private customized sessions where clients can receive any type of athletic session they want, we have speed sessions for athletes and athletic and skill sessions for soccer players. We even have yoga.

As long as it’s athletic we have you covered.


TLA is pleased to announce Emily Long.

Emily will be leading the yoga sessions for our youth athletes. Emily is a dancer with SUBSCURA, has amazing strength and flexibility and is a qualified yoga instructor. She will be leading the sessions the last week of every month.




Are you ready to Train Like an Athlete? Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 01 – TLA Starting Block

Complete the Starting Block to prepare for TLA sessions (mandatory for all new clients).
4 one-on-one sessions & 1 group performance session
$259 + taxes


STEP 02 – TLA Performance

After the starting block you’re ready to train.

Choose from 1 to 3 sessions/week (or unlimited if you’re up for it). The optimal times to register for Performance sessions are at the beginning of April, July, Sept & January. These are the entry points for each Micro-cycle (see below)

We all agree that athletes have the most natural and beautiful looking bodies, flowing gracefully from muscle to muscle as a finely tuned system for athletic achievement.

Athletes achieve this through the use of what is called a micro-cycle: TLA uses 4 seasonal twelve week micro cycles per year. Each micro cycle is a multi dynamic training plan aimed at getting results within a specific time frame. This is the technique that TLA uses to give you that beautiful, natural poised athletic body. Train like an Athlete will give you both the body and mind of an athlete.

We are open!

tla-banner-we-open1470 Venables has been TLA’s roots since 1999. As we say goodbye to the end of an era, we say hello to a new beginning at 3282 East 1st Ave.

The new location is primed with mountain views, outdoor parks like Rupert, Sunrise and Empire Fields — a fresh new slate but more importantly completely different feeling with a new fitness solution for our clients.
Doors are open and we have more classes available starting this month — see our schedule for full details.

Open House

We are getting so close to being ready for our re-opening and are looking forward to sharing our new space with you! On Monday, Oct 5th please come to our Open House – have a look around and enjoy a drink on us. Bring a friends & family if you like.

Time: 4-8 pm
Address: 3282 East 1st Ave, at Rupert

There will be 1 workout on Monday Oct 5th 6:30am start @ Empire Fields – meet at the parking lot off Hastings.

Please email us to confirm your spot Monday.


Regular gym hours resume Tuesday, Oct 6th.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

September 16, 2015




TLA is moving. Adios. Cheerio. Bye Bye. As we take our wings to a new place we will be flying with a new philosophy.

For instance, upcoming, (except boxing sessions) our cardio will take place outside in the form of running and biking. Ground based cardio works best. The options with variety and tempo changes are endless plus clients will feel the benefits of breathing and filling their lungs with fresh B.C. mountain/sea air. Our new location is ideally situated beside three parks. The training options in these three parks alone include an outdoor track for cycling, two FIFA G3 pitches, two grass pitches, tennis courts, stairs, hills, and a 600 m track. We are going to take full advantage and make ‘outside’ part of our heart rate programming.

Current TLA clients will have noticed some of our fixed one exercise machines are gone. The reason is simple. TLA will be turning our sessions in the new studio into one giant anaerobic resistance circuit that will make clients fit, conditioned and strong. As a result we need flow.  Part of this flow is sticking with exercises that allows us to integrate from one resistance movement to another: think cables, bands, sleds, keiser air, bodyweight, squat racks, etc. In our humble opinion this is what athletic training is about.

Solutions. A new direction will be finding solutions for clients.  These solutions include behind the scenes coaching for those important times when clients are not working out. After over a decade in the business we have targeted four core areas to focus on. For each of these four core areas TLA will offer customized and individualized coaching.

The four core areas:

1) Athletic performance

2) Strength and conditioning 

3) Looking good.

4) Consistency. 

Get ready for a shift.


The idea first came to me when I was kicking a ball around last summer in California.

California 2014

Then in Hawaii, without any gym to go to, the idea really began bubbling below the surface.

Below the surface for ideas that can be used above.

I thought how can an individual apply the performance ideas of TLA and make them high performance outside with one condition: the application of high performance has to be simple.

Every chance there was I took to a simple approach to fitness

Lifted had to involve basic movements only.


Sprinting had to be done in bursts.IMG_5113

Drinking and eating was done simply. Nothing fancy. Black coffee (butterless too/yea that’s directed at you crossfitters) -lots of fruit and vegetables (natural sugars)-chicken/fish/beans and always as a treat: dark chocolate.

Lots of carbs and natural sugars.

Every day finished with 18 mins of micro-stretching @ night.


This simple program felt bloody good. The fresh air. The easy to follow nutrition. The exercises. There was only one caveat. To train this way you had to be fit. If I couldn’t do three chin ups I wouldn’t have been able to do 50% of the upper body exercises. For instance I wouldn’t have been able to do the bodyweight rows over and over and over again. Nor would I have been able to do the constant dips or push ups. Meanwhile, if I couldn’t sprint or atleast move fast and recover fast, again the workouts would have been for nought. This was about moving fast/recovering/lifting big basic bodyweight lifts over and over/eating lots of simple sugars. None of this would work if you couldn’t go fast or didn’t have the necessary strength. One aspect of the program led to the other: like the high glycogen demands of this style of training allowing for a certain type of nutrition.

So upcoming, very soon, Monday June 1  to be exact, TLA HP Outdoor is going ahead full steam.

I want you to feel both great and athletically challenged. If you fancy joining there is four simple but necessary conditions. You must be injury free with the ability to run. You must be able to do 3 full chin ups,  you must be able to reach level 12 on the beep and since we will be outside you must be somewhat hardy.

To keep things even more simple there will be one training option. Two training sessions per week. At TLA we always go for quality so it will be well worth it because (see above.)

Here is a sample routine.

*Warm up including dynamic stretching + mini bands + gradual raising of heart rate. (10 mins)

*Running technique

*Four min interval routine. (This will be a staple and done every session)

*400m/300m/200m/100m run w/4:1 recovery.

*Circuit 1: 1.Front Squat w/Kettlebell  2.Chin Up 3.Dip 4.Staircase of 30 steps: all 3 reps (except staircase).  As many quality sets as possible in 20 mins.

*Circuit 2. 1.Push up w/303 tempo. 2.Runner Step Up  3. Squat Jump w/3 sec hold 4.TRX Row w/222 tempo. Set 1- eight reps Set 2- six reps Set 3- four reps.

Cool down with easy jog or ride.

PS: I have scouted a couple of great locations and where we meet changes every week.

Fancy going outside?


February 27, 2014

 Train(ing):the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching or practical skills.Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

Train like an Athlete will be updating our current training system combining performance coaching with training. We believe our current system of creating just good workouts is becoming passé. Instead, we want to position ourselves uniquely by taking a continued modern approach to training

The updated TLA method will include.

*Training & coaching the client, both inside & when requested, outside the workout. (see def.above)                                                                                                                                 *Designing programs focussing on improved performance.
*Instilling recovery techniques for well being.
*Developing exercise programs that leave clients athletic.                                                *Training the client with specific goals specifically on lifestyle & athletic management. *Creating client empowerment with our new consultancy service.


As part of the weekly workout programming there will be subtle alterations. This will include specific interval heart rate programming, fewer but more sets on the results exercises, specific mobility and recovery work, as well as improved individualization. The days of having you just fly around from one exercise to the next without much thought will be of the past.


In the new set up, one trainer will train a handful or less of clients for the entire workout.By coaching with such a small number at one time we can load, judge fatigue, as well as individualize better for sustained results.

TLA Consultancy                                                                                                            

TLA Consultancy is for clients who want additional customization by complimenting goal setting with either health and lifestyle management or athletic mentorship. Ideal for the client who wants to feel empowered outside the gym. Part of this consultancy can include:   planning exercise & recovery strategies in a busy training week, goal setting, creating effective workouts for the time strapped individual, providing guidance and designing a lifestyle plan for the individual who either doesn’t have the time, doesn’t know how, or wants to follow a schedule that is more results focused and motivated for them.

TLA consultancy is done by TLA owner Jason Kyle who will meet clients one on one.

Bodyfat testing & measurement                                                                         

Some clients love getting their measurements & body fat done. Some hate it. Regardless, doing body-fat testing takes time. For this reason Jason will offer body fat testing to interested clients the first Sunday of every month. A time slot will be required.


As we become more serious about your goals we hope you have the right tools to make this happen. If you need the help of a specialist seek it. TLA now has a referral base of consultancy for goal setting & motivation, nutritionist for health management/body composition, massage therapy for recovery & a physiotherapist for injuries.

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