An individualized package for new clients, including lifestyle + performance assessment.

How do I get started?

We have four options:

  1. Weekly Packages. For the client who wants a weekly consistent performance training schedule we offer bronze, silver and gold packages: train regularly and consistently up to three times per week using our semi private coaching.
  2. TLA 10 pack. For the client with a more erratic schedule. Train whenever you want and as often as you want.
  3. Private. During select hours TLA offers private training with the client and the trainer of their choice.
  4. Mentorship. For youth athletes and adults: mentorship is a 13 week, invite only, reinvent performance program consisting of private coaching, individualized comprehensive assessment, sustainable and permanent lifestyle strategies, semi private training, recovery sessions, online coaching with confidence building.

We don't call it TLA performance for nothing.

Every TLA session coaches athletic movement, lifting, power and balance.

Training Like An Athlete means taking a multi dynamic approach towards exercise program design. We believe this provides clients the best opportunity at achieving the functional lean body of an athlete.

Want an idea how athletes train: Check out our instagram: trainlikeanathlete.ca

The TLA client.

TLA client wants to live a high performance lifestyle.

The TLA client wants to look and feel what an athlete looks and feels like.

TLA clients want quality coaching, guidance, and mentorship from a reputable source.

Owner Jason Kyle trains National level and high performance athletes, appeared on two reality television shows. Started Micro Footie with over 1000 players every year + includes annual coach clinics with over one hundred and fifty coaches. Established partnership with coaches of Celtic Football Club, Scotland. Recently selected as head coach for the Richmond-Vancouver-Whistler district for summer games.

Performance Plans:


1 session/week
$35/week + taxes


2 sessions/week
$65/week + taxes


3 sessions/week
$89/week + taxes

10 Pack

10 Sessions that can be used anytime.
$350 + taxes


Yoga: Thurs @ 615 pm  w/ Emily.
$15 + taxes

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