We do not believe overbearing unplanned workouts get optimum results. Instead TLA provides an opportunity to Train Like An Athlete.

This includes a high/low athletic performance model, restorative stretch recovery, and fully integrated training program delivered alongside a coaching methodology that keeps sessions flowing. For optimum training effect the TLA studio has been designed to accommodate small numbers for a personal touch.

Reinvent and achieve the body and mind of an athlete.


With clients giving their valuable time and energy one caveat in our coaching consistently remains: make the experience as rewarding as possible. We do this in three key steps:

Transform  A training program designed to change the body.  With our ongoing education and coaching experience TLA provides clients with a program that creates an aesthetic lean look of an athlete while developing key performance qualities including movement, balance, flexibility, strength and power.

Motivate Combine a streamlined space, top of the line equipment, great lighting with views of the mountains, ample parking, sound system that pumps trainer curated playlists, fantastic neighbourhood parks creating additional exercise options, free compliment of espresso or sport drinks in our ‘always playing sports’ tv room + fully prepared sessions as soon as you walk in and clients recognize pretty quickly they are in an atmosphere to train.

Coaching We train clients either privately or as small semi private personal micro sessions with a peak of eight participants per session. This set up allows for a personal touch, coaching cues to be enabled and sessions organized so they flow from one training dynamic to the next.

Learn to Train Like an Athlete

We all agree that athletes have the most natural and beautiful looking bodies, flowing gracefully from muscle to muscle as a finely tuned system for athletic achievement.

Athletes achieve this through the use of what is called a micro-cycle:
 A Multi Dynamic training plan aimed at getting results within a specific time frame. This is the technique that the TLA uses to give you that beautiful, natural poised athletic body. Train like an Athlete will give you both the body and mind of an athlete.  

Key Factors

+ Athletically designed training
+ Training methodology aimed for results
+ Specializing in making clients functionally lean, strong and athletic.
+ Performance coaching every single session
+ Optional measurements + body fat, lifestyle assessment, athletic testing, nutritional guidance.
+ Specialized packages throughout year
+ Each TLA session delivered with only a select number of clientele
+ Streamlined training space for maximum workout efficiency.

What This Means

  • Accountability

  • Personal Attention

  • Problem Solving

  • Motivation

  • Coaching

Jason KyleOwner / Trainer / Scotsman Scotty McGinleyTrainer / F.S.T + Recovery specialist.What is recovery Emily LongRecovery
Owner / Trainer / Scotsman
Jason had high aspirations to be a professional athlete and soccer was his game. He played for Celtic Boys Club and Glasgow’s Queens Park FC.

The man in charge of Queens Park FC was the effervescent, opinionated & vociferous Eddie Hunter. After a game in which Jason scored seven goals Eddie Hunter asked to see him in his office. Jason thought the meeting would be about a glorious promotion to the first team for his seven-goal match that no player had managed since 1924. Instead Eddie said “I’ve noticed you are always adding your two bits in the training sessions. Have you ever thought about coaching.”

It was a defining moment. Jason began to work towards getting his coaching badges(s). He moved to Vancouver, Canada and started a soccer league called Micro Footie in East Van that now has over 1300 participants and opened the TLA Training studio in 1999. Jason was the Head Coach for the Vancouver Zone in 2016 & upcoming 2018 BC Summer Games.

As Jason was training clients in his new studio, he had a revelation: the true athletes were consistently getting the best results. These individuals weren’t necessarily working out the hardest, they were working out the smartest. This led to the challenging athletic dynamic programming which clients participate weekly at Train like an Athlete. This includes using plyometric training, movement, lifting, pulling tires, and fighting against resistance to raise a clients level. His newest addition to his training style is making clients think.

TLA Playlist: When designing the TLA space the sound system was a priority as tunes would be on all day. Jason absolutely loves music with a penchant for creating eclectic playlists combining Electronic, Alternative and Hip Hop alongside old school and forgotten tracks. Think of the soundtrack from the movie Baby Driver and you have it just about right.

Jason Kyle
Owner / Trainer / Scotsman
Trainer / F.S.T + Recovery specialist.
Scott is BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and weight trainer, with a passion for sport, primarily rugby. Born and raised in Vancouver, Scott graduated from high school from Magee secondary in 2006. Scott is still playing competitive rugby with the Meraloma Rugby Club — go Lomas — and is currently working towards his IYCA High School Strength Coach certification. Scott has been a full time coach with Train like an Athlete for the past four years. A self proclaimed T-nation junkie, Scottie’s stand out forte is assessing lifting technique and helping TLA clients with their recovery modalities which he does every Wednesday and privately by appointment. His fascial stretch sessions are so good some clients call him the 'muscle whisperer.' Recently finished a course with Kabuki strength in the U.S. TLA Playlists: Scotty is as likely to play new and classic rock'n'roll as he is more alternative selections. At TLA we have heard a Scotty mix include the Rolling Stones. Led Zeppelin, Action Bronson and Lyrics Born.
Scotty McGinley
Trainer / F.S.T + Recovery specialist.
What is recovery
We program recovery after two days of continuous training. At TLA we have set sessions with Scotty every Wednesday morning @ 6 and 8 am. Scotty will have you felling great so the rest of the week is magic. TLA programs recovery into all of our program design. This may include prescribing yoga, micro stretching, active light movement or a personal favourite: doing nothing at all.
What is recovery
Emily Long is a dancer with SUBSCURA: known for their edgy innovative performances. Emily has fantastic strength- flexibility and is a qualified yoga instructor. Her role with TLA is coaching stretching to our youth athletes. TLA Playlist: Emily usually teaches her sessions in silence.
Emily Long
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“I have been training with Train like an Athlete since I was a teenager. Lifting, better nutrition, and goal setting was all covered. I cannot recommend the train like an athlete highly enough for any aspiring athlete wanting to improve their game. First class.”



“From 14 onwards I trained with TLA. The strength & conditioning took me to a level I would never have reached if I just continued to focus on technical. I became faster, stronger and my game confidence increased as my ability to beat people became more dominant.”



” I can truly say that I have never been as fit, educated and as tuned in about my fitness, body fat, lean muscle mass and nutrition as I have been since my TLA experience…and it shows!!! Thanks to TLA’s expert analysis, guidance and training approach, I have surpassed every goal I have set for myself and continue to do so. I feel and perform 20 years younger than my 51 years of age! I should also add that I was able to train through a serious knee injury and minimize the impact the injury had on my life due to the methodology of the program, as well as the care and attention of the trainers.”


“My two brothers, mum & dad train at Train like an Athlete. Word of mouth proved right. The set up @  TLA  allowed me to stay focused and the results showed. The workouts were progressive, challenging with enough variety to motivate.”


Jason trained me during the summer of 2015 off the back of my recovery from post viral fatigue. His coaching style, training methods and knowledge and expertise are second to none. His sessions are varied, specific and effective. As a result of his coaching I developed so much confidence in myself as an athlete. I have realised that I am capable of achieving my goals and aspirations and this is down to the fact that his sessions and programs are designed in such a way that I experience success every time I work out. He is a coach who genuinely cares about the welfare of his athletes/clients and this is underlined by the fact that I still work out today using the knowledge that I gained in 2015. His coaching is long lasting and has helped me develop into someone who has fitness and athleticism as a central point in their life now and I am forever thankful to Jason for that. Without TLA’s coaching and guidance, I don’t think I would ever have regained the confidence in myself to get back to full fitness and beyond.

– DAVID (Celtic FC Academy Coach)

“Every week I drive from Cloverdale with my dad to train with Jason @ TLA. That is a long way to go but the sessions are totally worth it.”

– HARPREET 2003 Forward

“I just really like the set up, coaching attention and environment. I do one skill and one performance session every week and whenever I want I can book Scotty for a 30 min FST session. I am continually improving and really enjoy process of improving.

– Henrique 2001 Forward

“Jason invited me to take part in his coaching sessions because he thought I was a good player. I really liked his skill sessions. Jason then invited me to IMG Academy in Florida as part of a Celtic FC Showcase. I was one of four players selected by Celtic FC  and will be going to Glasgow next month to play with their U-13’s and attend St.Ninians as part of their talent ID experience.. For the last few months I have been preparing by taking part in both the TLA skill and performance fitness sessions.”

– Rupert 2004 player