How do I get started?

TLA Starting Block – Introductory Package

An introductory package designed to start new clients off in the best possible way.

259 + taxes

3 one-on-one sessions & 1 semi-private performance session

Session 1 takes off with performance consultation + individualized assessment. TLA will go through a clients exercise history, injuries, current lifestyle and training goals. From this information we individualize solutions catered to your needs. Included is an intro training session focussing on movement/ core and learning technique in TLA’s key movement patterns which we have established as optimum for results.

Session 2 is a lifting and power assessment. Lifting and resistance are the heart and soul or our business. This assessment indicates clients strengths and limitations and will act as a wonderful starting barometer.

Session 3 is body fat test, nutrition and endurance assessment with recovery methodology. In other words, this is the day we are going to train your heart. Romantic poem not included.

Session 4 will have your chest hitting the finish line.  Join a specialty athlete 4  sessions and begin training like an athlete.

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