How do I get started?

  • Creating your custom profile:
  • Step 1: ON YOUR PHONE download the Mind Body App and create a profile.
  • Step 2: Explore the Mind Body app & find Train like an Athlete.
  • Step 3: On bottom right is view pricing. Select the TLA performance package that is right for you. For clients who want to get started right away, are injury free and want to find out what TLA is all about we recommend the Introductory TLA Six Pack. For clients who want a detailed assessment and individualization we recommend Starting Block (see right of this page for info).
  • Booking a session:
  • Step 1: On bottom left of mind body app is a view schedule button.
  • Step 2: Sessions for that day will come up. For future days use calendar.
  • Step 3: Book the TLA session you want.

TLA Starting Block – Introductory Package

An introductory package designed to start new clients off in the best possible way.

259 + taxes

3 one-on-one sessions & 1 semi-private performance session

Session 1 takes off with performance consultation + individualized assessment. TLA will go through a clients exercise history, injuries, current lifestyle and training goals. From this information we individualize solutions catered to your needs. Included in this intro training session is a focus on movement and athletic core and fundamental guidance on nutrition.

Session 2 accelerates with a full TLA performance session.  Lifting and resistance is the heart and soul or our business. Clients will find why resistance is the magical elixir in feeling good and developing athletic qualities the fastest. We all go over technique, rest periods, tempo and progressions.

Session 3 is all about ESD or energy system development. In other words we are going to train your heart. We will compliment this session with dynamic warm up + rolling alongside information on recovery methods including protein intake & static stretching.

Session 4 has your chest hitting the finish line.  Join our specialty: semi private performance sessions and begin training like an athlete.

Or Try Our Other New Member Package

TLA Six Pack

Semi Private Introductory Package

An introductory package for the client who wants to start immediately and curious to see what we are all about. TLA 6 pack can be used any Wednesday or Saturday morning.

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