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Specializing in youth performance conditioning
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Semi Private skill sessions
TLA Performance Soccer
Including one on one FST stretching, yoga and nutrition
Recovery component
TLA Performance Soccer
Coaching stretching to our youth athletes during recovery week.
YOGA with Emily
TLA Performance Soccer



TLA Soccer specializes in training sessions for soccer players and team athletes.

At TLA we believe skilled athleticism will amount to little if technically focused coaches are unable to prepare an athlete to raise the intensity of this skill.

Our specialty:

We divide our program into three key soccer modalities and make as exciting and cutting edge as possible so players thrive and enjoy as they develop.

Soccer Modality 1: Athlete

Athlete sessions take place in TLA studio located at Rupert and First ave.  National players Ben Mckendry, Callum Irving and Ben Fisk have been regulars since they were young developing players (see video to the right).

Objective: Speed/Strength/Mobility +Movement/Power/Agility/Physique Transformation + getting an edge on game conditioning.

Soccer Modality 2: Skill

Skill sessions @ Empire Bowl located just blocks away from TLA studio. Our skill sessions modality focus on intensive-game related-technically orientated-and position themed training sessions geared toward higher performance.

Objective: Becoming a more confident, open minded and creative player.

Soccer Modality 3: Recover to reload

TLA is firm believer in the role recovery plays. Yes, we want our players to look great. However we also want the player to feel magic on the pitch. Our recover to reload includes coaching on sleep-nutrition + match preparation. As part of recovery to reload we have a weekly yoga session Sundays @ 5 to recover from weekend match.

Objective: Allowing the body and mind an opportunity to reload for upcoming training week.

Soccer Modality 4: Mentorship

In TLA’s newest modality Mentorship, Jason is selecting high performance athletes to work with throughout the season from September to March. In this invite only program each athlete will weekly training from our first three modalities, receive online guidance, set targets with performance goals, receive ongoing assessment including individual match video observation from select matches.  A unique opportunity to take performance to a new level.  The athletes selected will be invited to Celtic FC showcase in June.

Objective: To raise performance to a new level and be fully prepared and confident on the pitch.

Confidence in the coaching  

Program design and coaching is led by TLA Micro Footie owner Jason Kyle: FIFA Certified, KLM Technical Director 2015-2017. 2016 Vancouver-Richmond BC Summer Games Head Coach,  EXOS Performance Specialist.

TLA Soccer Performance

Starting Block Soccer

All players must start with Starting Block.

This is an opportunity to be assessed privately. Includes creating nutrition profile, learning how to stretch effectively, movement analysis, teaching lifting and power technique + on field skill session.

Package: 3 private one on ones w/ Jason Kyle + 1 semi private. $249.
Please phone to book.

Skill Development

Our semi-private skill sessions is a progressive series of intensive and challenging training sessions mastering technique with the ball and movement without ball.

We offer three curriculum programs for the developing soccer player.

Fall & Winter (indoor on Sundays)/Spring (outdoor on Sundays)


Athlete Development

Our semi private athletic training program is designed to build athleticism in the youth player.

We offer athletic programs for the soccer player.

Training Days: Mondays to Thursdays @ the Train like an Athlete Studio.

Training Times: Every day @ 5 pm, + T/W for Jr’s @ 345.

Please phone 604 230 4666 to register. All sessions are booked through Mind Body online.


Athlete Recovery

TLA offers yoga for our athletes.

Every Sunday @ 5. This is an opportunity to wind down from the weeks training and weekend match.  Nine session commitment/ Next session begin Sept 23. (no session Thanksgiving weekend)


Customization + Private One on Ones.

Take your game to the next level with private one on one training.

Clients pick the time and tailor a skill or athlete session focusing on their needs and requirements: a proven confidence builder.

Please call for times and rates.


For the high potential player who wants an ongoing seasonal program.

Jason selects high performance athletes to work with throughout the season in a series of 9 or 13 week blocks. In this invite only program each athlete will take part in a technical session, athletic session and recovery session every week, receive online guidance, set targets with performance goals, receive ongoing assessment including individual match video observation from select matches.  A unique opportunity to take performance to a new level.



Off season fitness

During the offseason many players have up to three months to focus on quality training individualized for future performance.

The athlete can book up to four training sessions per week during the two off seasons. Mid November – Mid January or May – August. Sessions take place daily at 7 am & 5 p.m.

The goal of TLA off season program:

  • improved movement
  • improved athleticism
  • improved speed
  • strength and conditioning development for high performance
  • improved recovery



Team Training

TLA offers team training.

We can train positions only or entire team. We focus on first step quickness, agility, balance + strength with power for a dynamic transfer.

$20 per player.

Please call for times.

Looking for something else?

We are open to your ideas

For instance, ongoing seasonal training, pre-season preparation. Do you have something in mind? Drop us a note and lets chat.

Micro Footie

Learn Coerver skills, take part in dynamic drills, master running with the ball, all set within an integrated play environment. Ages: 4-5, 6-7, 8-10, 11-14 yrs