Including strength and athletic movement
Do the Messi, Ronaldo, or  Zlatan.
'It took me 17 years & one hundred and thirteen days to become an overnight success.' Messi.
Semi Private skill sessions
TLA-on field-performance
Including FST stretching and nutrition
Recovery component
TLA Performance



TLA Soccer specializes in training sessions for soccer players and team athletes.

At TLA we believe skilled athleticism will amount to little if technically focused coaches are unable to prepare an athlete to raise the intensity of this skill.

Athlete sessions take place in TLA studio, located at Rupert and First ave. National players Ben Mckendry, Callum Irving and Ben Fisk have been regulars since they were young developing players (see video to the right).

We divide our program into three challenging soccer sessions.

The Ronaldo: focusses on linear speed & muscle. (Tuesdays)

The Messi:  focusses on agility, balance + power. (Wednesdays)

The Zlatan:  focusses on strength + out the box exercises. (Thursdays)

Confidence in the coaching  

Program design and coaching is led by TLA Micro Footie owner Jason Kyle: FIFA Certified, KLM Technical Director 2015-2017. 2016 Vancouver-Richmond BC Summer Games Head Coach 2016 & 2018,  EXOS Performance Specialist.

TLA Soccer Performance

Starting Block Soccer

Includes positional analysis, tactical movement, recovery methods, game agility, lifting technique + power development. Get professionally started on the road to match fitness now.

Package: 3 private one on ones + 1 semi private. $259.                     

All sessions booked through Mind Body online.

Youth Performance

Each workout is designed to build athleticism immediately transferable onto the pitch.

13+ sessions @ 4:45

U-13’s sessions Wednesday @ 3:30

Winter Schedule

All sessions booked through Mind Body online.


Adult Performance

Designed for the adult player. Prevent injury, change athletic profile, lose body fat, increase power + strength + balance.

Winter Schedule

Tuesdays + Wednesdays @ 6 pm.

All sessions booked through Mind Body online.

Academy Players

The Micro Footie Academy

In partnership with the micro Footie Academy program TLA works in getting the Academy players in the best soccer shape of their lives.


Take your game to the next level by recovering properly.

Designed to recover from the weekend match. Dynamic movement, flows + restorative stretching. Every Monday @ 6:30.

All sessions booked through Mind Body online.

Semi Private mentorship

For the high potential player who wants additional coaching.

With semi private mentorship each player will enjoy a unique opportunity to take performance to a new level.  Jason will work with a group of 3 or 4 players and develop them during a phase of training.

Winter & Summer Off-Season

Prepping players for the season ahead.

Off season 1:

November 19 – December 14

(4 weeks/ 3 sessions per week : $279)

Off Season 2:

July & August:

(3 sessions per week/ 4 weeks $279)


Team Training

Minimum six, Maximum 8.

$20 per player. Please call 604 215 2122 to book.

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Micro Footie

Learn Coerver skills, take part in dynamic drills, master running with the ball, all set within an integrated play environment. Ages: 4-5, 6-7, 8-10, 11-14 yrs