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For all of our train like an athlete clientele, Recovery module 1 starts September 26 and runs until September 30. The idea is to enjoy some muscular stretching, open up, work on the core and give the body a “breather” from lifting so we can smash the next phase with renewed vigour.

The athletic Stephana Arnold will be leading Monday’s sessions. (Knowing the discipline of a ballerina we highly recommend clients arrive on time and bring their own mat.)

Tuesday train like an athlete will be designing a series of body weight circuits as well as boxing & skipping as our form of ESD.

Wednesday Trainer and FST specialist Scott McGinley will be offering a recovery session utilizing the roller, bands and balls.


Thursday will be a repeat on Tuesday a series of  body weight circuits as well as boxing, skipping & moderate running as our form of ESD.

To cap off a brilliant week, on Friday Stephana will be end Recovery 1 with a series of stretches and exercises that will have you prepared for Phase 2.

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During our recovery week clients can attend as many sessions as they want/ they just have to make sure they stick to their usual training times.

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The London Olympics are over and now every one wants to look and feel like an athlete. A combination of athleticism, lean muscle, great core strength, and mobility.

How did these athletes develop such beautiful physiques?

TLA knows. By training like athletes.

Training like an athlete is a combination of key elements. Training variety, overload, mobility, core & movement, exercise sequence that makes emotional and physical sense, an appreciation for recovery, a body built on positive nutrition, while inside, developing a raw feeling of power.

This is what TLA is all about. Every challenge we tweak our programs. We keep what was successful from previous challenges and continue to tweak based on what works and what doesn’t. The upcoming athlete challenge is no different. We are individualizing even more, creating ten (TLA10) new training modules that will rotate every three weeks, continuing to find ways to make the sessions even more intimate and personal, while adding the success of our previous challenge, the TLA decathlon, into the overall program.

Do you want to Train like an Athlete? If you do, take the TLA Athlete Challenge.

TLA has seen it all. From clients with injury become fit, energetic, and strong to clients unsure about their limitations and becoming athletes. Transform yourself and become an athlete.

We have just entered week 5 of 12 weeks into the FAll 2011 TLA Challenge.

Now month 1 (the graduation period) is over we are gradually distancing ourselves from high reps and moving towards higher intensities, lower reps with a greater focus on technique, nutrition and recovery.

With the boxing, three minute rounds have just been introduced.

In month 1 every single person lost body fat and increased strength.

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