TLA is pleased to announce Emily Long.

Emily will be leading the yoga sessions for our youth athletes. Emily is a dancer with SUBSCURA, has amazing strength and flexibility and is a qualified yoga instructor. She will be leading the sessions the last week of every month.





Years in the making, Callum Irving presents Jason with this brilliant one of a kind gift which we are absolutely humbled: Callum’s Canadian National GK Jersey from his first international cap. A game he started which Canada won handily against Bermuda. The jersey will proudly be added to the TLA walls.

(Callum leaves today to be his new pro club Ottawa/ Good Luck Cally!)


The Olympics is coming up and one of the events I loved was the Decathlon. As a boy I used to think Daley Thompson was brilliant. Some kind of superman. The top guy in the world in current times is Ashton Eaton & the top women are neck and neck between Tatyana Chernova & Jessica Ennis. (who normally do seven events and compete in the Heptathlon)

inspired by the above, the TLA has created our very own decathlon of events: each representing different aspects of athleticism. We have an endurance event, two power events, a speed endurance event, a TLA nutrition program for points & body fat measurement test, two muscular endurance events, & three strength events.

In the TLA decathlon we even have handicaps for master athletes.

The idea is to train hard in all areas and concentrate on the ones you are weakest. If your weakness is nutrition the TLA has a wee system to get that in order. If it’s strength or muscular endurance let our super sessions prep you. If it’s endurance, well go ahead, get to it & do our agility and endurance program.

Some people get terrified by the prospect of competing. But it’s more than that. Training for nothing sucks. The TLA decathlon allows you the opportunity to focus on training as well as concentrating on your weaknesses. By training and eating for performance and doing the best you can your body will look awesome.

Fancy giving it a go?