Complete. The first TLA workshop. Did we make a difference to any of those clients who walked into the TLA doors? You will have to ask the lad who now is on a soccer fit program. He was overtrained and doing just about everything wrong. Another client had a demo workout and couldn’t believe how good he felt. A woman was given a training program to do on her own and finally a TLA male client was given his weekly plan for the summer. Easy peasy. They left with answers answered/ So yep. A good start. Next workshop in two weeks. Come into the TLA doors and let’s hear it. Just say yes.

Starting June 10 TLA is offering free workshops. These workshops will take place every second Sunday afternoon and until August will be hosted by TLA owner Jason Kyle

The beauty of the workshop is you choose what you want to learn: from beginners starting a program, to body fat testing and functional assessment, to understanding nutrition and goal setting for results, heart rate training, to taking a TLA demo workout.

Learn, get motivated & take your training to the next level.

Upcoming Workshop dates: June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22.

Training Camp is about to begin.

An integration of power with movement with lean weight training athletically sequenced to the beat of a pounding heart rate.

I love Training Camp for  a variety of reasons.

*Training Camp means the weather has changed.

*Training Camp means the sessions take place both out & inside.

*Training Camp is a brilliant off season opportunity to fix compensations & increase range of motion.

*With the design of the programming training camp provides clients the opportunity to feel like athletes, not military personnel.

*The weekly sessions include dynamic movement– power & core outside, followed by a comprehensive progressive lean weight training program inside.

*Meanwhile, training camp allows clients to try new Spring- Summer Saturday programming including Black Swan ballet, beach running, & boxing.

Oh yes, this is how we love to train.