Every client is on a different phase of life. For some, they might be busy and need to optimize.  Others, may be content with their lot and the two or three sessions a week they currently engage in already makes them feel how they want to feel. For others, they come out the shower, see their reflection and ask “who is that person?” Or they receive a quiet word from their doctor and the quiet word is GET HEALTHY NOW. Or, just curious. Curious to find out what their body-a magical, complex, fascinating constantly changing, living thing, always within us- can do with the application of effort, over a set period of time. For others, they might want to be the fitter, sharper and more agile and stronger in their sport.

TLA owner Jason Kyle get’s most excited by those who want to change, especially within a timeline. Whether it’s pre season or becoming healthy and fit, Jason will use all of his coaching experience to mentor and help direct the client in a direction that is best. Coaching involves developing relationships. Jason is fortunate enough to have developed coaching/training relationships lasting 10+ years. Clients for this length of time include national level athletes, high value business owners-doctors-professors-therapists-firefighters. This interesting list of clientele goes on. Moving forward for the client, ultimately, is based on successful coaching. As well as relationship building, the final coaching requirement is knowledge, instinct for an individuals needs, and infusing training sessions so they become optimal for the individual. This side of coaching is more of a craft and over time becomes established with over 10,000 hours of consistently training multiple body types over the last 20+ years, head coaching for BC Summer Games in 2016 & 2018 and head coach for the MF men’s team in the premiership.  Founder of micro footie and throughout the league duration: leading clinics with over 2,000 volunteer coaches.

When clients go for a better car or higher quality products, they pay extra. TLA and our timeline service is no exception. Health is wealth and wealth is health. Appointments with a trainer, involving knowledge, intuition, time and presence is a high quality coaching service that will create intrinsic and extrinsic results. The extrinsic results are looking better naked – in clothes + seeing muscles that were previously unseeable. The intrinsic rewards are deeper. Here is just a few: clients will feel better inside, creativity and energy goes up—depression goes down, stress also drops,—balance + coordination improve—the heart pumps more blood, muscles get stronger, joints get tougher-and by applying effort, the client becomes a more resilient and robust individual. If a client does all this on their own they will see all these benefits, albeit over a longer period of time (as it will not be optimal and the client may stop as they have no one to adhere to). Alternatively, when you have a trainer there is appointments to attend and the appointments the client is attending to are maximized for results and inner motivation. Lastly, when someone is waiting for you, you have to go. This last line is worth it’s weight in gold, so I will say again. When someone is waiting for you, you have to go. In a nutshell this having to go is what coaching is. Let me give an example. I coach a quality men’s soccer team combined of 20 teenagers and young adult men. If we suggest on the team’s WhatsApp the upcoming training session is being led by one of the players and both coaches will not be attending: guess how many players would show up. A handful at best. If our studio was left open from 630 am to 830 am for clientele to work out by themselves every day. Again, guess how many clients would regularly show. Maybe 1, at best 2. With that kind of demand  TLA would need to close down after a few months. Why? Regardless of age, to succeed, we need coaches. This has been proven and established throughout time. All those beautiful results mentioned earlier will rarely happen without a coach.

TLA is a coaching service. A coaching service that is always innovating. Adherence to our program is our gold standard. We show up with the background, ideas and plan, you-the client, signed up to train, change, and grow inwardly and outwardly.



March 2020 and like so many businesses TLA had to shut down.

Scotty kept many clients going with Zoom sessions and Jason took to Instagram.

During this time time was in abundance and $ in short supply.

Then belter…

We were given the green light to reopen mid June.

Again like so many businesses, we had to reopen w/restrictions.

These restrictions included sanitizing every piece of equipment after every session, mandatory masks, and limited # of clientele.

Things were tough, but we adapted as best as we could.

The bad news. Financially, we lost loads. Being closed for so long, limited attendance. Whew! Nightmare.

The good news. Well, there was a big silver lining. We kept 95% of clientele. Scotty found Zoom. Not one of our clientele has so far, fingers crossed, got Covid. and we survived. Flipping things, as trainers we also realized how important exercise + working out was/is to each clients well being. This became a huge mind shift.  Sure, having a great body is magic but covid proved building a great body is more magic. For many, not having the opportunity to do this became a key absence in life. After all building a great body provides so many other things than a great body. Just to name a few: stress release, improved cognitive brain function, a feeling of presence + doing something for yourself, anti aging effects, the act of making an effort has been proven in creating a carryover to happiness, increased strength, power & hypertrophy, improved movement, greater overall fitness and a stronger immune system, the satisfaction of a coach trying to find the best version of yourself, confidence….) These factors are something easy to take for granted – yet covid proved- they are factors which hold value.

Covid also gave us back Personal Training (PT). In many respects PT was becoming a relic.

Not any more.

The world has changed.

Many clients see both intrinsic and extrinsic value in working out and being coached.

The value of quality coaching has gone up.

Way up.

Covid proved

wealth is health!



That made you feel good.

That strengthened every muscle in your body.

That made body fat disappear.

That increased your sex drive.

That reduced stress.

That allowed you to sleep better.

That gave you energy.

That made your muscles appear more sexy.

That made you move with athleticism.

That had you fit into clothes better.

That improved your balance.

That gave the future you feelings of positivity instead of uncertainty.

That made you eat more nutritionally.

That allowed you to enjoy treats without all that guilt nonsense.

That, if a woman, or a lass, made you feel more empowered. (aye, #liftmetoo)

That, if a man, or a lad, made you feel like a dude.

That improved your mood.

That increased creativity.

That increased body confidence.

That made you happier.

That was good for your bones.

That could reduce chronic disease and increase the strength of your immune system.

That would help brain health, including memory.

That gave you power.

That strengthened your core.

That would aid in relaxation.

Would you take it.

Just twice a week Training like an Athlete and the pill is yours.





PS: Get ready for our new release package. In other words, the best pill on the planet.





Some have asked me the story about Rupert and how-like another student of micro footie Jacob Lensky-made it to Celtic.

I think it’s a good one so here goes.

During the micro footie 2014 season we had one particular team who were getting hammered every single Saturday. And by hammered I mean minimum five goals with seven or more being the norm. The final tournament was coming up and I was talking to their coach about different defensive formations and new strategies to make the scoreline more reasonable, etc. As we were chatting out of the blue the coach says “if it wasn’t for Rupert the scoreline would be even bigger. He never complains and always give 100%.”

Always impressed by this kind of player: (getting hammered yet the attitude of still giving full effort). As a result, without really knowing Rupert too well I emailed his family offered him an award. Outstanding sportsmanship in the micro footie season. The prize being a complimentary opportunity to play in our micro footie development curriculum every Sunday.

Rupert loves soccer and of course he accepted. This gave me a great chance to see him week after week. He was a diamond in the rough. I told his family as much. Anyway Rupert signed up for our Curriculum, took part in our camps and was a regular attendee at the Celtic camps. As a result he was improving more and more.  We even created an exercise called The Postma (his last name) because he was so good at it compared to the others.

But, in February of 2015 my credibility took a hit.

Rupert had a try out to make what is called Gold 1 in Vancouver. He was currently in Gold 2. Two clubs had a team of evaluators out and after the assessments both clubs didn’t see Rupert as a Gold 1 player.  Anyway, despite this lack of acknowledgement by the evaluators, I insisted to his family Rupert was a player with potential.

Around that time Celtic FC who -micro footie is affiliates – were holding a showcase weekend at the IMG Academy  in Florida. We were meant to take our top players who were available. I invited 9 players. Rupert was one: the youngest of the micro footie group. He had never been on a plane, was shy and obviously my wife and I felt protective of him. Although looking back he settled no problem.

The IMG event included talks by the Celtic coaches and great on field sessions. There was easily a couple of hundred players: the best of the North American affiliates so the competition was high. The purpose of the IMG experience was to train the players the Celtic way, give them an experience with the ultimate prize an all expense paid trip to Scotland to play with the Celtic Academy and attend St.Ninians school. (where all the Celtic academy players go).Celtic FC would pick 4 players: three boys and one girl.

Yes, you guessed it. Rupert was selected. The youngest of the four.

For the last seven months we have been preparing for this very special week. Prep has included going to the Celtic camps over the summer, taking part in the weekly micro footie development skills curriculum, mentorship one on one sessions and consistent train like an  athletic workouts @ TLA.                Strengths: Rupert has a wonderful shy but cheeky personality, a great left foot and passes with real intention and great focus. He doesn’t act a big shot-and quite the opposite-is humble as pie and gives tons of effort so therefore is easy to coach. He is also willing to improvise in tight situations with creative play and always looks as if he is enjoying himself radically.  At training sessions. I have seen him laughing away as he is pulled on a sled by National player Ben Fisk, nutmegging me as I am coaching (surprisingly easy) and takes advice like a champ.

And it all started because he got noticed by giving tons of effort week after week in a team that were admittedly quite poor.

He will be back from his Celtic experience soon.






Cars are always driving by the train like an athlete studio and micro footie office. Some of the cheeky ones roll down their windows and say ” hey Crossfit doesn’t use soccer balls!”

“That’s cause we ain’t crossfit!”

Every afternoon and weekend semi private and private training sessions for the soccer player take place at our wee boutique studio (+micro footie office) on 3282 East First Ave.

Complimenting Micro Footie – Train like an Athlete is the only company in BC that offers focussed semi private or private soccer training for soccer players on a consistent basis.

The goal is simple: develop soccer players into athletes.

The Celtic coaches have received it, Canadian National, HPL, Metro and developing players have received it, Whitecaps Youth have received it.

The reaction is always the same.

In the minds of soccer players and coaches who have received it, our service, on this one particular thing, is the best!

(Just check out some of their testimonials.)


Two words: coaching and intensity.

Coaching: the coaching is instructed and led by TLA owner Jason Kyle founder of Micro Footie and partner with Celtic Football Club – Technical director of KLM in the Fall and Winter-and head coach for Vancouver, BC Summer Games 2016. FIFA B qualification + mentorship with EXOS Performance Jason brings his twenty years of coaching expertise into each session.  Part of this coaching includes advice on nutrition-recovery with suggestions-assessments and fresh ideas a player can add to highlight their game.

Intensity: In our TLA studio (which is conveniently next to three soccer fields) we will see a soccer player either privately or semi-privately in a session with six players or less. In this environment, when players are under the spotlight receiving quality coaching: a lot can be achieved in a 90 min session. The first 30 minutes of each session includes skill development and ball mastery exercises with the ball inc. analysis. The next 15 minutes of the session focusses on movement skills (yes, movement is a skill) on a players running and agility. In this component we will work on athleticism. The last 45 mins players players hit the studio for some serious resistance. The music is curated by our youth athletes who love their hip hop for extra motivation and bang it starts: a progressive strength component that involves spatial awareness, resistance, balance and core alongside a strength program that targets the whole body.

90 mins have passed and we are done. Magic!

This kind of 1-2 punch will make the mind, spirit and body go wow and give any player an edge.

We are inviting players to try these unique training sessions. Find out why they might be great compliment to a high level soccer players regime: whether it’s in season or as an off season team training regime.

For in season players we recommend 1x per week.

For off season programming we recommend 3x per week.













I believe every high level soccer player needs to be mentored.

It is a facet lacking in today’s game for the modern player.

An opportunity to develop individually.

Most clubs have a technical academy. But mentorship. Not a chance. That’s a luxury for Olympic athletes and tennis players.

However, mentorship should be a necessity for the high level soccer player. A norm. Players need a chance to be themselves. To advance without a team agenda. An opportunity to become in tune with their position &  individual movement. A chance to refine and refresh their mental game. A chance to become responsible for their own performance.

Most players are not doing this. It’s just not available.

Mentorship is earned & to be effective the soccer player must trust you. This puts TLA in a unique position.

The TLA studio is in it’s 13th year. We know what works from a strength and conditioning angle. We do it full time. ——Movement, nutrition, strength, power, speed, etc.–TLA participates in a yearly mentorship with Athletes Performance (we also need to keep sharp) and have a gym stocked with equipment that will make you an athlete. We also have a nutritionist and a flexibility expert. In our mentorship sessions we assess, video, and put you through drills that will make you literally explode off your feet. Can a technical director offer you this? You tell me.

Then, there is the coaching.

*Jason Kyle has recently been technical director for  two different clubs and back in the day played a reasonably high level. He started a soccer league in the East Van area called micro footie which has a yearly registration of 1000 players. Jason is a FIFA B licence & TLA owner.

*Mawuena Mallet was a TLA youth player several years back and after finishing his degree with a soccer scholarship is now back as a head trainer .

*Taylor Dickau just spent last summer teaching students full time, worked alongside technical director in Vancouver and is currently completing his Kinesiology degree.

*Scotty McGinley is our mobility and video analyst and head trainer. He looks at players movement patterns and through observation and correction has players moving like athletes.

From our wee spot in East Vancouver we have had 6 clients sign pro contracts, students achieving soccer scholarships, and players literally flying during games & tournaments following our mentorship sessions. Guess what? We are currently looking for our new wave of TLA players. The kind of player who is playing at one level and wants to take it to the next one.

Are you interested?