What exactly goes on at our soccer sessions?

September 20, 2016

Cars are always driving by the train like an athlete studio and micro footie office. Some of the cheeky ones roll down their windows and say ” hey Crossfit doesn’t use soccer balls!”

“That’s cause we ain’t crossfit!”

Every afternoon and weekend semi private and private training sessions for the soccer player take place at our wee boutique studio (+micro footie office) on 3282 East First Ave.

Complimenting Micro Footie – Train like an Athlete is the only company in BC that offers focussed semi private or private soccer training for soccer players on a consistent basis.

The goal is simple: develop soccer players into athletes.

The Celtic coaches have received it, Canadian National, HPL, Metro and developing players have received it, Whitecaps Youth have received it.

The reaction is always the same.

In the minds of soccer players and coaches who have received it, our service, on this one particular thing, is the best!

(Just check out some of their testimonials.)


Two words: coaching and intensity.

Coaching: the coaching is instructed and led by TLA owner Jason Kyle founder of Micro Footie and partner with Celtic Football Club – Technical director of KLM in the Fall and Winter-and head coach for Vancouver, BC Summer Games 2016. FIFA B qualification + mentorship with EXOS Performance Jason brings his twenty years of coaching expertise into each session.  Part of this coaching includes advice on nutrition-recovery with suggestions-assessments and fresh ideas a player can add to highlight their game.

Intensity: In our TLA studio (which is conveniently next to three soccer fields) we will see a soccer player either privately or semi-privately in a session with six players or less. In this environment, when players are under the spotlight receiving quality coaching: a lot can be achieved in a 90 min session. The first 30 minutes of each session includes skill development and ball mastery exercises with the ball inc. analysis. The next 15 minutes of the session focusses on movement skills (yes, movement is a skill) on a players running and agility. In this component we will work on athleticism. The last 45 mins players players hit the studio for some serious resistance. The music is curated by our youth athletes who love their hip hop for extra motivation and bang it starts: a progressive strength component that involves spatial awareness, resistance, balance and core alongside a strength program that targets the whole body.

90 mins have passed and we are done. Magic!

This kind of 1-2 punch will make the mind, spirit and body go wow and give any player an edge.

We are inviting players to try these unique training sessions. Find out why they might be great compliment to a high level soccer players regime: whether it’s in season or as an off season team training regime.

For in season players we recommend 1x per week.

For off season programming we recommend 3x per week.