Every client is on a different phase of life. For some, they might be busy and need to optimize.  Others, may be content with their lot and the two or three sessions a week they currently engage in already makes them feel how they want to feel. For others, they come out the shower, see their reflection and ask “who is that person?” Or they receive a quiet word from their doctor and the quiet word is GET HEALTHY NOW. Or, just curious. Curious to find out what their body-a magical, complex, fascinating constantly changing, living thing, always within us- can do with the application of effort, over a set period of time. For others, they might want to be the fitter, sharper and more agile and stronger in their sport.

TLA owner Jason Kyle get’s most excited by those who want to change, especially within a timeline. Whether it’s pre season or becoming healthy and fit, Jason will use all of his coaching experience to mentor and help direct the client in a direction that is best. Coaching involves developing relationships. Jason is fortunate enough to have developed coaching/training relationships lasting 10+ years. Clients for this length of time include national level athletes, high value business owners-doctors-professors-therapists-firefighters. This interesting list of clientele goes on. Moving forward for the client, ultimately, is based on successful coaching. As well as relationship building, the final coaching requirement is knowledge, instinct for an individuals needs, and infusing training sessions so they become optimal for the individual. This side of coaching is more of a craft and over time becomes established with over 10,000 hours of consistently training multiple body types over the last 20+ years, head coaching for BC Summer Games in 2016 & 2018 and head coach for the MF men’s team in the premiership.  Founder of micro footie and throughout the league duration: leading clinics with over 2,000 volunteer coaches.

When clients go for a better car or higher quality products, they pay extra. TLA and our timeline service is no exception. Health is wealth and wealth is health. Appointments with a trainer, involving knowledge, intuition, time and presence is a high quality coaching service that will create intrinsic and extrinsic results. The extrinsic results are looking better naked – in clothes + seeing muscles that were previously unseeable. The intrinsic rewards are deeper. Here is just a few: clients will feel better inside, creativity and energy goes up—depression goes down, stress also drops,—balance + coordination improve—the heart pumps more blood, muscles get stronger, joints get tougher-and by applying effort, the client becomes a more resilient and robust individual. If a client does all this on their own they will see all these benefits, albeit over a longer period of time (as it will not be optimal and the client may stop as they have no one to adhere to). Alternatively, when you have a trainer there is appointments to attend and the appointments the client is attending to are maximized for results and inner motivation. Lastly, when someone is waiting for you, you have to go. This last line is worth it’s weight in gold, so I will say again. When someone is waiting for you, you have to go. In a nutshell this having to go is what coaching is. Let me give an example. I coach a quality men’s soccer team combined of 20 teenagers and young adult men. If we suggest on the team’s WhatsApp the upcoming training session is being led by one of the players and both coaches will not be attending: guess how many players would show up. A handful at best. If our studio was left open from 630 am to 830 am for clientele to work out by themselves every day. Again, guess how many clients would regularly show. Maybe 1, at best 2. With that kind of demand  TLA would need to close down after a few months. Why? Regardless of age, to succeed, we need coaches. This has been proven and established throughout time. All those beautiful results mentioned earlier will rarely happen without a coach.

TLA is a coaching service. A coaching service that is always innovating. Adherence to our program is our gold standard. We show up with the background, ideas and plan, you-the client, signed up to train, change, and grow inwardly and outwardly.



TLA clients no longer need to always text Jason to establish times.

We just started with Mind Body and now clients can just login and book a session.

We have semi private AM sessions for our terrific business clientele, we offer private customized sessions where clients can receive any type of athletic session they want, we have speed sessions for athletes and athletic and skill sessions for soccer players. We even have yoga.

As long as it’s athletic we have you covered.


Are you ready to Train Like an Athlete? Here’s what you need to do:

STEP 01 – TLA Starting Block

Complete the Starting Block to prepare for TLA sessions (mandatory for all new clients).
4 one-on-one sessions & 1 group performance session
$259 + taxes


STEP 02 – TLA Performance

After the starting block you’re ready to train.

Choose from 1 to 3 sessions/week (or unlimited if you’re up for it). The optimal times to register for Performance sessions are at the beginning of April, July, Sept & January. These are the entry points for each Micro-cycle (see below)

We all agree that athletes have the most natural and beautiful looking bodies, flowing gracefully from muscle to muscle as a finely tuned system for athletic achievement.

Athletes achieve this through the use of what is called a micro-cycle: TLA uses 4 seasonal twelve week micro cycles per year. Each micro cycle is a multi dynamic training plan aimed at getting results within a specific time frame. This is the technique that TLA uses to give you that beautiful, natural poised athletic body. Train like an Athlete will give you both the body and mind of an athlete.


STEPHANA ARNOLD is bloody amazing.

Her body is like a hard elastic band. Meanwhile, her exercises will make you feel very average.

Yet, if you put your ego aside for one hour what she will teach you is second to none.

Ben Fisk, The Whitecaps FC player said “it was the hardest session he had ever done.”

Harder than all that running in games Ben, harder than TLA weights. “Yes, without question.” was his honest response.

Stephana doesn’t use weights. Stephana doesn’t use treadmills, steps, runs, or rows. Nope. That’s for wimps. STEPHANA uses positions. The kind of positions the leader of the Kama Sutra might do if he was really in the mood. Yet, Stephana’s fun and encouraging teaching style makes you want to try and do them. Afterwards you feel brilliant. She has been doing this every Saturday for the past 4 years. At TLA we simply call Stephana’s classes BLACK SWAN.

So who is STEPHANA anyway. Here is just three highlights.

A graduate of the national ballet of Canada.

Principal dancer, ballet BC 2003-2007

Featured in 2010 Olympic Games opening ceremony

TLA wants the best for our clients. She is the best. Every Saturday Black Swan @ TLA.