Who is Stephana Arnold

June 3, 2012


STEPHANA ARNOLD is bloody amazing.

Her body is like a hard elastic band. Meanwhile, her exercises will make you feel very average.

Yet, if you put your ego aside for one hour what she will teach you is second to none.

Ben Fisk, The Whitecaps FC player said “it was the hardest session he had ever done.”

Harder than all that running in games Ben, harder than TLA weights. “Yes, without question.” was his honest response.

Stephana doesn’t use weights. Stephana doesn’t use treadmills, steps, runs, or rows. Nope. That’s for wimps. STEPHANA uses positions. The kind of positions the leader of the Kama Sutra might do if he was really in the mood. Yet, Stephana’s fun and encouraging teaching style makes you want to try and do them. Afterwards you feel brilliant. She has been doing this every Saturday for the past 4 years. At TLA we simply call Stephana’s classes BLACK SWAN.

So who is STEPHANA anyway. Here is just three highlights.

A graduate of the national ballet of Canada.

Principal dancer, ballet BC 2003-2007

Featured in 2010 Olympic Games opening ceremony

TLA wants the best for our clients. She is the best. Every Saturday Black Swan @ TLA.