Recovery 1 is upcoming

September 21, 2016

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For all of our train like an athlete clientele, Recovery module 1 starts September 26 and runs until September 30. The idea is to enjoy some muscular stretching, open up, work on the core and give the body a “breather” from lifting so we can smash the next phase with renewed vigour.

The athletic Stephana Arnold will be leading Monday’s sessions. (Knowing the discipline of a ballerina we highly recommend clients arrive on time and bring their own mat.)

Tuesday train like an athlete will be designing a series of body weight circuits as well as boxing & skipping as our form of ESD.

Wednesday Trainer and FST specialist Scott McGinley will be offering a recovery session utilizing the roller, bands and balls.


Thursday will be a repeat on Tuesday a series of  body weight circuits as well as boxing, skipping & moderate running as our form of ESD.

To cap off a brilliant week, on Friday Stephana will be end Recovery 1 with a series of stretches and exercises that will have you prepared for Phase 2.

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During our recovery week clients can attend as many sessions as they want/ they just have to make sure they stick to their usual training times.

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