What exactly does a trainer do?

October 24, 2018

You are at a party and having a chat about so and so’s trainer. In that instance you may wonder “what exactly does a trainer do?”

Here is what trainers do. Or at least, good trainers do.

  1. We have relationships. I cannot think of any other occupation in the world where a client sees someone 1-3 x per week. Being good at relationships is important if you want this relationship to last.  After all who wants to be trained by someone weekly they don’t like.
  2. We create sessions that provide results faster than you will ever achieve on your own. Just think, if you have been working out 4x per week for 10 years that’s 800 workouts. We hit that number in 3-4 months with all kinds of body types and ages. Not to beat around the bush, but with years of experience under our belt, we kinda know what works. Therefore, the relationship makes you want to train, the exercises get results.
  3. We are waiting for you. Yep you. If you book and don’t show up we get Rolling Stones angry. Plus we have muscles: so this also motivates clients to show up.
  4. We make the training environment for one thing: training.  Everything is thought and laid out for a top notch session. This includes the exercises, the progressions, the training environment.
  5. We coach you. Do you know how nice it is to get coached: It’s super nice. You get to listen to our voices and as we speak will likely swoon into an exercise trance as we provide the most exquisite instructions.
  6. We want our clients to succeed and perform like Olympians, look hot, and turn heads everywhere they go. That is the honest truth. And when we design the TLA training sessions, we do our damndest to make this truism happen.
  7. We correct form. Clients are always doing stuff wrong. Doing stuff wrong repeatedly can lead to injuries. Remember we want you to look and feel good.
  8. We take the thinking part away of what to do when you come into the studio. Instead, the only thinking required is implementing the optimum technique of the exercise you are engaged in.
  9. We believe strongly in the benefits of client adherence and will create playful, engaging, cool methods to allow for adherence. Is this a good thing? We believe so. Look at our previous post (if there was a pill/) to see the benefits of regular consistent exercise.  By being consistent, clients are giving themselves something truly wonderful.