Weight training: how much?

November 15, 2018

Weight training is here to stay and will never ever go away.


in fact, the more we stare at our screens and stay seated watching Netflix the more relevant weight training will become.

The only problem is the effort to train becomes more difficult as screens become more addictive and life becomes increasingly cosy.


Every single athlete and adult should include weight training into their weekly routine.

I will repeat this again.

Every single athlete and adult should include weight training into their weekly routine.


Weight training is unique in that, done correctly, it immediately gives back. And the more you give, the more it gives back. This includes: increased muscle, fat loss, higher performance, better cardio, stronger bones, improved posture, constant feedback.

No other activity delivers like weight training which is why everyone should be doing.

I am a trainer and the next question is the important one because ultimately I want results for TLA clientele. How often should I lift for optimum results?

First of all, weight training is no different from any exercise and is a stress on the body.

An athlete who has multiple team training sessions and a game or event at weekends: one single lifting session will be perfect, while two sessions could easily be overboard and lead to fatigue. Meanwhile, an individual who is sleeping great, eating wonderfully and not experiencing much lifestyle stress then- regardless of age- can train multiple times per week. If you have heard someone older should train less than someone younger take with a grain of salt. In our experience how often someone trains is dependent on how experienced the trainee is, training intensity and how well they recover from each individual session.  Someone 25 could be recovering inadequately, with poor nutrition choices and lousy sleep while someone 55 could have great recovery methods, and as a result, would be able to train more consistently than the 25 year old.  Therefore, how often you lift, the intensity at which you lift, how busy you are in your day to day life, how well you eat and are you recovering properly from the intensity of the training session are relevant factors which must be considered.

However, here is a few general recommendations to get you started, based on training correctly.

 TLA general weight lifting recommendations for optimum results:

If you are just starting out: 1x per week with the objective of building a second session within 6-8 weeks.

If you are an in season athlete or weekend warrior: 1x per week training on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Research indicates injure rates will decrease by 50%.

If you want gains but in less of a rush to achieve them: 2x per week

If you have a demanding schedule: 2x per week

If you are under a lot of stress: 2- 3 short sessions per week w/a day of rest in between.

If you want the perfect weight training lifestyle and all the benefits this kind of training provides, including ample time to do other ‘life’ things in-between: 3x per week with a day of rest in between is wonderful.

If you are an off season athlete: 3-4x per week. For off season athletes we like:

2 days on/1 day off/ 2 days on/ 2 days off.

If you have time and want to challenge yourself in new ways or our prepping for something special(like a movie role for Marvel): 4-5x per week.

Fancy getting started? Give Train like an Athlete a try.