April 21, 2014

reINVENT – to make major improvements/ to bring into use again.

Upcoming, Train like an Athlete is giving clients a chance to reINVENT their body and minds. A chance to start one way and come out the other with a program so comprehensive your whole being will change.

You will move better.
You will feel better.
You will look better.
You will be stronger.
You will eat healthier
You will reINVENT.

The full reINVENT is 14 weeks, the modified reINVENT is 6 or 10 weeks. Without question this program is TLA’s most detailed and well thought out program to date. A program layered with progressions, athletic movement, functional exercises: including emphasis on the core and pillar, a prescribed volume of training, an individualized recovery module, and a unique but simple heart rate component that will gradually test your limits.

reINVENT is individualized for clients who wants to seek transformation for the next season.

The complete program

reINVENT involves three weekly athlete workout days for two weeks and then four workout days the next two weeks. Each workout includes power-strength-core-and functional athletic movement.
Workout 1 is on Mondays or Tuesdays.
Workout 2 is on Wednesdays or Thursdays.
Workout 3 is on Fridays.
Workout 4 when they take place will be Saturdays @ 9:45

reINVENT involves one movement day.
TLA owner Jason Kyle will design an individualized stretch and heart rate session. Clients pick a day/time from their weekly schedule to do on their own.

reINVENT recovery
The program is designed in such a way the client has between two to three complete recovery days. For the very keen clients can do one extra session on their own.

reINVENT extras.
Optional measurement & body fat testing on week 1, 6, 10 & 14. Training diary. *Three pack jumpstart nutrition consultations. *Recovery pack including heart rate monitor, foam roller & or epson salts.

*Please note. Items with *are additional charge.

reINVENT start date for TLA’s semi-private clientele.
Week 1. Monday May 12 – May 16

Involves specialized coaching every workout. We offer this program in semi private sessions, private, as well as the option of learning each reINVENT phase @ TLA before training under your own schedule.