Four simple strategies to body transform

May 22, 2014

Every client has the power to transform.

They just need to follow four simple strategies.

1) Consistency. The ability to transform does not happen haphazardly. They have to make quality training (see point 4) a habit.

2) Effort. Effort must come from within and is a combination of training mindset & preparation. The mindset is wanting to improve and try to do better. This takes effort. The preparation is about recovery so the effort can be made. Good preparation includes rest, recuperation and stretching. No one can transform when they are feeling tired, undernourished or tight.

3) Nutrition. Without good nutrition results do not happen: as a priority nutrition would be my personal number 1. Not enough nutrition/you lose muscle. Too much, well let’s be honest, that’s why you are training in the first place. Nutrition is fascinating stuff. Good nutrition tastes good, gives you energy, makes you feel great and provides a healthy look. Our bodies need and crave good nutrition. Also, counterintuitively when you enjoy quality nutrition you can also enjoy treats. I mean if you are eating great food (this is first world problems here folks) then having that scotch or chocolate becomes a right. However poor nutrition and treats don’t work. One feeds off the other and as a result you become slower, unhealthier and even more slovenly. Therefore, as a lifestyle my big tip is embrace nutrition. It’s magic stuff and luckily for us it’s available everywhere. Your body wants to move & eat well. Good nutrition is natures performance enhancing steroid.

4) Choosing the right exercises. Sprinting is better than slow. High resistance is better than low resistance. Therefore, as you improve, the goal is simple: move faster and find exercises that provide more resistance. (This also runs in align with strategy 2)