TLA is going outside

May 18, 2015

The idea first came to me when I was kicking a ball around last summer in California.

California 2014

Then in Hawaii, without any gym to go to, the idea really began bubbling below the surface.

Below the surface for ideas that can be used above.

I thought how can an individual apply the performance ideas of TLA and make them high performance outside with one condition: the application of high performance has to be simple.

Every chance there was I took to a simple approach to fitness

Lifted had to involve basic movements only.


Sprinting had to be done in bursts.IMG_5113

Drinking and eating was done simply. Nothing fancy. Black coffee (butterless too/yea that’s directed at you crossfitters) -lots of fruit and vegetables (natural sugars)-chicken/fish/beans and always as a treat: dark chocolate.

Lots of carbs and natural sugars.

Every day finished with 18 mins of micro-stretching @ night.


This simple program felt bloody good. The fresh air. The easy to follow nutrition. The exercises. There was only one caveat. To train this way you had to be fit. If I couldn’t do three chin ups I wouldn’t have been able to do 50% of the upper body exercises. For instance I wouldn’t have been able to do the bodyweight rows over and over and over again. Nor would I have been able to do the constant dips or push ups. Meanwhile, if I couldn’t sprint or atleast move fast and recover fast, again the workouts would have been for nought. This was about moving fast/recovering/lifting big basic bodyweight lifts over and over/eating lots of simple sugars. None of this would work if you couldn’t go fast or didn’t have the necessary strength. One aspect of the program led to the other: like the high glycogen demands of this style of training allowing for a certain type of nutrition.

So upcoming, very soon, Monday June 1  to be exact, TLA HP Outdoor is going ahead full steam.

I want you to feel both great and athletically challenged. If you fancy joining there is four simple but necessary conditions. You must be injury free with the ability to run. You must be able to do 3 full chin ups,  you must be able to reach level 12 on the beep and since we will be outside you must be somewhat hardy.

To keep things even more simple there will be one training option. Two training sessions per week. At TLA we always go for quality so it will be well worth it because (see above.)

Here is a sample routine.

*Warm up including dynamic stretching + mini bands + gradual raising of heart rate. (10 mins)

*Running technique

*Four min interval routine. (This will be a staple and done every session)

*400m/300m/200m/100m run w/4:1 recovery.

*Circuit 1: 1.Front Squat w/Kettlebell  2.Chin Up 3.Dip 4.Staircase of 30 steps: all 3 reps (except staircase).  As many quality sets as possible in 20 mins.

*Circuit 2. 1.Push up w/303 tempo. 2.Runner Step Up  3. Squat Jump w/3 sec hold 4.TRX Row w/222 tempo. Set 1- eight reps Set 2- six reps Set 3- four reps.

Cool down with easy jog or ride.

PS: I have scouted a couple of great locations and where we meet changes every week.

Fancy going outside?