A yes has a kick

September 16, 2015




TLA is moving. Adios. Cheerio. Bye Bye. As we take our wings to a new place we will be flying with a new philosophy.

For instance, upcoming, (except boxing sessions) our cardio will take place outside in the form of running and biking. Ground based cardio works best. The options with variety and tempo changes are endless plus clients will feel the benefits of breathing and filling their lungs with fresh B.C. mountain/sea air. Our new location is ideally situated beside three parks. The training options in these three parks alone include an outdoor track for cycling, two FIFA G3 pitches, two grass pitches, tennis courts, stairs, hills, and a 600 m track. We are going to take full advantage and make ‘outside’ part of our heart rate programming.

Current TLA clients will have noticed some of our fixed one exercise machines are gone. The reason is simple. TLA will be turning our sessions in the new studio into one giant anaerobic resistance circuit that will make clients fit, conditioned and strong. As a result we need flow.  Part of this flow is sticking with exercises that allows us to integrate from one resistance movement to another: think cables, bands, sleds, keiser air, bodyweight, squat racks, etc. In our humble opinion this is what athletic training is about.

Solutions. A new direction will be finding solutions for clients.  These solutions include behind the scenes coaching for those important times when clients are not working out. After over a decade in the business we have targeted four core areas to focus on. For each of these four core areas TLA will offer customized and individualized coaching.

The four core areas:

1) Athletic performance

2) Strength and conditioning 

3) Looking good.

4) Consistency. 

Get ready for a shift.