Are you committed?

May 23, 2013


Yesterday, my 12 year old son had track practice in the morning. Track was followed by a mini triathlon (which was part of a school phys. ed program). After school he put on his boots and cycled to and from his 60 minute evening soccer practice. Upon returning home-a massive dinner was inhaled- followed by a saucer size bowl of ice cream for dessert. After dessert, he then proceeded to have an epsom salt bath and just before bed: micro stretching.

As he trundled to bed my wife said to him ‘I wish I was as fit as you’ to which he replied ‘you won’t be as fit as me because you are not committed.’

Cheeky. Indeed. But he was right.

Getting fit doesn’t just happen. Getting fit is a commitment. And if you’ve ever been in a relationship you know commitments are tough. With exercise these commitments range from the proper nutrition, the application of effort and consistency, the routine, the recovering, the monitoring, and the doing when you feel like don’ting.

Commit full on and like any good relationship there will be quiet rewards, such as fitness and an athlete’s body. Do it haphazardly or chaotically and the rewards will be smaller. Therefore, the third rule of getting into Narnia is advice taken straight from the mouth of a fit 12 year old. You must be committed.

Are you?