December 18, 2016

Whether it was the recent match cancellations or school ending the 15’s & 16’s proved they had bundles of energy during Saturday’s TLA Footie athlete session.

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Yep, I am part of a family business that imports scotch (RARE DRAMS ye ken) to B.C & Alberta. Yep, I was just recently in the beautiful island of Islay in Scotland with my mum (pictured here alongside yours truly) and my dad (taking picture) with the soul purpose of tasting as many different whisky’s as possible from the famous distilleries of Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain, Caol ila, Bowmore, Lagavulin, Laphroig and Ardberg. And yep I have turned the TLA/Micro Footie office into a scotch room where clients can sit down and if the desire is there, pour themselves a dram. People may might suggest this enthusiastic love for whisky is a bit contrarian to the healthy lifestyle I promote.  I say rubbish and just view on:- you may be pleasantly surprised – …


With Christmas approaching pour yourself a dram or two: Slainte Mhath.


Despite the snow, our semi-private youth soccer sessions went ahead. Session 1 (U-14’s) started off with some soccer ping pong followed by: mini band warm up-a challenging skills circuit, thinking exercises to develop creativity followed by athletic movement and fitness. Sessions for select players take place weekends and every afternoon M-T-W. 


R E C O V E R Y  S   T   R   E   T   C   H   T H E R A P Y w/Scotty

             A new exciting trial feature at TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE

*Scotty McGinley will be developing a new role within TLA as our exclusive in house

Recovery Stretch Specialist

Recovery Stretch with Scotty is an inclusive component of the new 2017 programming to Silver and Gold clientele. Scotty will be available every Wednesday at select times between 6am-10am to privately treat adult clientele with FST stretch sessions and other recovery modalities. He will also be available from 4pm-6pm to treat our youth athletes.  Clients can schedule Scotty privately (recommended) or get individually treated and stretched in between their workouts.

Just imagine. You are feeling tight hamstrings or shoulders. Usually you would just do a few stretches or wait it out and see what happens. Not anymore. Book your stretch session(s) with Scotty and he will take you to the scotch room while Jason is training clientele and sort it out.  Feel fantastic for your big match or living.

Please note: The FST stretch sessions is a one of kind in-house service usually reserved for  professional athletes. Every TLA client: if they are feeling any knocks, sore points or tight areas which need addressed should take the opportunity and book a private recovery appointment.  This is the ultimate in pre-habilitation. The FST sessions do not count as a training session and are considered a bonus of being a TLA silver of gold client. (drop in clientele do not count for this service) Clients can use the FST sessions as frequently as necessary. I have done a session and can verify how effective they are which brought on the idea.. The only caveat is clients must book. I will have a diary in the scotch room. Just add your name or email Scotty.  Sessions must be done on the half hour between 6-10 am (Adult) and 4-6 pm (Youth athletes) on Wednesdays only. No exceptions


R E C O V E R Y   S   T   R   E   T   C   H   T H E R A P Y w/ Scotty