Who’s the boss?

May 2, 2011

Wee story.

Individual sees a physio for an injury.

After the assessment client asks the physio how long it will be before the injury is healed.

The physio says “it depends on whose the boss!”

The physio continues ” If I’m the boss it will take six weeks. If I’m the boss for some of the time and you are the boss for some of the time it will take twelve weeks. If you decide to be the boss for the whole time it may never heal.”

The TLA Challenge is very much like the physio story.

Clients may take option 1 & let our expertise guide them. If they do the results will come fast & furious. We know our stuff. We know what is effective, how to manipulate rest periods,the best foods to go for, recovery strategies, and the optimum application of lean muscle design and athletic movement. On the other hand clients may decide to do everything in the TLA with a few personal touches of their own such as (but not limited too) working out more or not eating enough of the right nutritional choices. If they apply this half & half strategy the results will be delayed for a period of time. The worst case scenario is when clients decide to be the boss. As bosses they may decide to eat the same even though this eating is what made they do the TLA in the first place. As bosses they made decide not to sleep enough or disregard the appropriate recovery methods. They may adhere to inconsistent focus & intensity when exercising. If this “me the boss” attitude persists, even with the greatest of intentions, they will probably never get the results they’re after.

Therefore, when training under a specialized program it’s important for clients to decide “whose the boss?”

The answer may mean the difference between an average and a top notch result.


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