What a trainer eats

July 7, 2011

Some clever geek hacked the TLA Facebook page. The hacker sent clients dietary recommendations on how to lose body fat in “two weeks or less.” The recommendations were presented in such a way that it came across as being from the TLA. Luckily, clients who know me know I would never recommend supplements.

Rightly or wrongly I don’t even take a Tylenol when I have a headache. Therefore, there is no chance in recommending pills for fat loss.

I am a food guy. Always have been. Only when clients get the food bit right do we start contemplating supplements. However,food is always first. The reason I stand by this philosophy is because it’s worked pretty good so far.

As mentioned in a previous post I was watching a video of a trainer demonstrate the supplement protocol he recommends athletes take during a workout. You would think he was training junkies. At least 40 pills every workout. Each to their own! However, it just ain’t my thing.

Instead, I believe we need to keep it real. This includes balancing protein with carbohydrates, eating the right amount of calories that matches our expenditure, and not being afraid of things like bread, fruit, and the occasional sweet.

I am going to show you what a trainer eats. I will also show what a typical day cycle looks like, so one matches the other.

This was Tuesday.

Up at 4:45.
Train Group 1 at 5:45
Train Group 2 at 7:00
Train Group 3 at 8:45
Train group 4 at 10:00
Train one on one at 11:30.

Take part in my own weight training workout. Lunch.

Train group 5 at 3:30
Train group 6 at 5:00
Train group 7 at 6:00

Below is the food I ate to meet the above caloric expenditure demand.


Train athlete group 1 at 6:45 (inside weights)
Train athlete group 2 at 8:00 (inside weights)
Athletic Camp 9:30 -11:30 (outside drills)
Youth Pro 1 2:30 – 4:00 (outside drills + inside weights)
Youth Pro 2 4:00-5:30 (outside drills + inside weights)

No training personally. However, take part in several games/drills with the athletes.

Breakfast: Cup of tea (no milk, no sugar) 3 whole eggs scrambled, toast, 2 cups of pomegranate seeds.

snack 1: two pieces of fruit from the magic fruit bowl

lunch: sliced grilled steak & greek salad

snack 2: small piece of grilled salmon

Dinner: wee bowl of pasta

with grilled chicken

Wee heads up. If my activity levels were much lower-for instance if I had an office job- eating frequency & food type would be the same, however the portion sizes would be much smaller.

Anyway, this eating routine satisfies a number of key factors. Body fat remains at the low end, energy levels are extremely high, and most importantly from a health standpoint (very important when you own your own business) colds and flus have been a non-issue for over four years. This (touch wood) despite being around a great deal of sweaty clients who do come in with flus, coughs, & colds.

Before supplements think about what you eating. How close are your eating habits to a trainer?