Training women

June 13, 2011

The TLA is currently enjoying a renaissance of woman clients.

We believe this is a positive trend.

The shift took place last year as our TLA brand moved toward results integrated athletic program design matched with an atmosphere conducive with exercising.

We find women have one goal: they want to look damn good.

Looking damn good demands that many key components need to be in synch.

Injury free is #1. Therefore, including movements that promote an injury free physique begin the process.

# 2 is a challenging workout that covers many bases. Woman today don’t have the time to philly phally. They have families, jobs, commitments. Therefore, a workout that encompasses power, strength & lean muscle building suits the lifestyle for the woman of today.

Lastly, #3, and I am going to sound like a complete ponce with this one, but it’s true, is emotional intelligence. We have nutritional support, we have goal setting with our challenge program, and the progressions are both practical and make physical sense. I was preparing for a training session during the weekend when my favorite live viewing event: a boot camp was taking place. The boot camp was hard. It was tough. It lasted abouty thirty minutes and involved progressively slower 400 meter split runs combined with squats and push ups. The final drill was burpees across the soccer field. My guess is after that half hour most of the participants are so sore that a follow up training session two or even five days later with any effect will be next to impossible. Anyway, as entertaining as it was we don’t do burpees across fields. We leave that many burpees to frogs.

Instead we try our best to give what the body wants. A dynamic warm up, movement, plus a weight program that hits many muscles groups alongside a good dose of variety.

Woman want to be strong, yet don’t want to look muscle bound.

Woman want workouts to have variety.

Women love athletic workouts. The kind that make them feel they are part of a Nike commercial.

Women love boxing. They love to punch.

Women also love ballet: especially when taught by an elite teacher.

In the end though,women love results the most. The kind of results that will make them look empowered, strong, energetic, and when they put on that dress or pair of jeans scream “hot!”


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