The Fall TLA Challenge is underway.

October 17, 2011

We have just entered week 5 of 12 weeks into the FAll 2011 TLA Challenge.

Now month 1 (the graduation period) is over we are gradually distancing ourselves from high reps and moving towards higher intensities, lower reps with a greater focus on technique, nutrition and recovery.

With the boxing, three minute rounds have just been introduced.

In month 1 every single person lost body fat and increased strength.

The goal of many TLA women is to achieve full chin ups. unassisted, with good form.

Each client has also received their own private challenge. Some have goals to lose body fat, other to increase body weight, others to increase performance.

None are easy.

Finally, to show we have not gone completely health bonkers the prize at the end is a bottle of Big Peat Christmas Whisky.



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