Nae pills

May 30, 2011

Just finished watching a video of the supplement protocol some elite athletes follow in preparation of a workout.

In the video the athletes swallowed capsules to reduce release of cortisol, tablets to increase neural drive, BCAA & Beta Alanine capsules, electrolyte powder for mineral loss, etc. etc. Approximately forty capsules for one workout.

Last week’s episode of sixty minutes we had Tour de France rider Tyler Hamilton discuss his supplement program which included testosterone eye drops, EPO, & blood doping.

Rather than stimulating I find this information depressing.

Is this what it takes to become elite?

Are regular visits to the local pharmaceutical company with the goal of frequent pill popping a pre-requisite to achieving a high quality result.

Am I out of touch? (For instance, I have trouble taking an aspirin) Or are the pill poppers out of touch?

One of us most definitely is.

In our studio we have national, provincial, and recreational level athletes as well as regular hard working clients train in the gym. None of them follow a pill popping routine.

They don’t have to.

It is repeated so often it almost feel redundant, yet simplicity works. We have found good eating, a sound workout program, a bit of banter and fun, alongside enjoyable recovery methods such as micro stretching the results follow. We have found everything doesn’t have to be organic. And yes, to get results you can still enjoy a beer or glass of wine. Crucially, we feel enjoyment of the process is part of success. Relaxation is another key component. Being self organized is another key component. Progressing is vital. Understanding application of key core concepts is massive.

When I hear of athletes taking part in a pill popping regime the most obvious question is, “can the body absorb such a concentrated amount within a short period of time?” I don’t think the body can. Also, when a pill popping habit becomes the norm the popper may become dependent on his new habit for a successful energetic workout. Soon, the mind will start firing. A host of questions will spring up. Does one really need the pills? Will it really make that much difference?  Psychologically, is it worth it?  Financially, can I afford it? Will I need to keep this new regime up forever, and if I don’t, will exercising without pills no longer feel natural?  Then, other stuff springs to mind. For instance, do we know of any side effects by taking this concoction? All this “mind stuff” that entered the result experience happened just because we decided to pop some pills.

The workout is only one component: good food, rest, great workout, recover, work, play, think, be organized, enjoy life,sleep. This is the TLA philosophy.  Though it’s harder, longer & demands slightly more effort: importantly, it works. Even more importantly, we can live life fully, freely.

One of our clients this past weekend won her track event, yet relishes dessert daily. Another client who savors a dram of scotch every night won the challenge.

These are people who are applying intelligence into their regimen and feeling the benefits. Happily, the results do come.

Without a pill in sight.