How to use Train like an Athlete

August 19, 2022

Train like an Athlete is set up a certain way on purpose.

For a clients success, recovery, and importantly the phase of life they are in.

Let me explain.

The success part is we are a business that excels for our clients (particularly in the morning.) We think mornings are the best time to exercise, offers the greatest chance to eliminate excuses and propels your day in the right direction. We have sessions every single morning. The clients goal is to do something they would do anyway, namely get out of bed. As soon as 9 am hits on weekdays and 10 on weekends we have personal training options.

If you are motivated to get out of bed you will succeed.

The recovery part is the way our training week is laid out so clients can structure a path that works for them where recovery becomes prominent and training becomes accessible for both the physique and mind.

*M/W/F sessions are designed to get you athletic and lean.

*T/Th sessions are designed to either get you strong or build your heart. Empire is the location for our outside sessions where goal is getting your heart in great shape with our anaerobic sessions.

*Weekends combine strength with athleticism with heart rate.

So if a client is wondering what approach to take, I would suggest the following.

Wanna get stronger.

T/Th is your jam.

Wanna get athletic and feel energized.

M/W/F is your go to.

Wanna get anaerobically fit.

T/Th outside would be my choice.

Wanna get a combination of all three

M/T or S/T in studio and Thursday outside would be the direction I would go for.

Don’t wanna commit.

Choose any day dependent on your mood. We love the commitment phobes just as much as we love the dedicated.

Wanna do alone or with friend

No problem. Personal training availability times are on the app. Just book a time that suits.

Wanna maximize results from a single weekly session

Definitely come to a weekend session. Clients will get the triad of athleticism, strength and heart rate.