TLA clients no longer need to always text Jason to establish times.

We just started with Mind Body and now clients can just login and book a session.

We have semi private AM sessions for our terrific business clientele, we offer private customized sessions where clients can receive any type of athletic session they want, we have speed sessions for athletes and athletic and skill sessions for soccer players. We even have yoga.

As long as it’s athletic we have you covered.


TLA client Jenny E. had an athletic photo shoot in prep for an online training business where she is going to train clients in her new place of residency: India.

Looking super fit wee Jenny.

Here is some physical standards to shoot for to create this look.

9-10 chin ups @ an X-1-3 Tempo
Trap Bar Deadlift 165 for 5 reps
50 lbs for one arm row for 6 reps.
ย Push-ups: 20 @ anย X-1-3 Tempo
Dumbbell BP ย 40 lb dumbbells for 5 reps


Wee Rupert makes his Celtic Park / tv debut! From East Van to the east end of Glasgow. Good on ye, wee man! Robert Postma Micro Footie

Posted by Rory Connolly on Saturday, February 25, 2017