A full time job

May 16, 2011

Sometimes I feel sorry for a client.

A few days ago was one of those instances.

It was the end of week 2 and I asked a client how things were going.

Nonchalantly he said to me “keeping fit is like a full time job.”

He was right.

When clients take part in the TLA Challenge we are often dealing with a list of symptoms including excess lard, high blood pressure, low energy levels, poor self motivation combined with far from optimum eating and sleeping habits, low awareness on recovery, nagging injuries and aches, and an “old school mentality” towards what is effective.

Therefore, when we hit clients with new exercise patterns, nutrition habits, a recovery program, and a “times have changed philosophy” it must feel like a full time job.

After all we are trying to alter years of habits within a short period of time.

Of course, we break it up into easy to apply components.

Nevertheless, change is hard.

For instance, some clients who start the TLA never eat breakfast.

Breakfast could add twenty minutes to their morning which was previously devoted to sleep. On top of this the client may be trying to lose weight. In their head they may be thinking “I have to get up twenty minutes early, lose my sleep in the process just so I can eat in order to lose weight.

Suddenly, with one simple introduction we are already fighting two opposing forces.

We haven’t even started working out yet.

Something which the client hasn’t done effectively for over a year.

Yet, despite these wee challenges at the end of the day it’s worth it.

I have seen clients who previously had high blood pressure and heart issues return to healthy levels within three months. I have seen clients lose extraordinary amount of body fat and in the process replace this excess lard with lean muscle. Suddenly, they look wicked in clothes. I have seen clients perform on the field. They stand out. They have more energy, are stronger, and move like athletes. I have seen clients change from rather pedestrian in nature to being energetic & self motivated: a result from their newly developed self confidence.

However, the hurdle must be crossed before all this good stuff happens.

And sometimes, before the new habits become natural it does feel like a full time job.


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