October 19, 2011

Retox the freak in me.

Retox the freak in me.

Retox the freak in me.

Retox the freak in me.

Fat Boy Slim (Taken from the song Retox)

Sometimes we get emotionally knackered. Sometimes friends or relatives have been visiting and as a result of all the catching up and great conversations we end up eating the most rubbish a human being can eat. We usually combine this with drinking the most a human being can drink. Sometimes we ate loads over the festive season and need to create a ying from the yang. Sometimes our sleep levels have floundered, we’ve been running around in a zombie state and our diets and energy levels have gone way off. Guess what? It’s time for  a retox.

Not a detox. A TLA retox.

The difference between a retox and a detox is huge. A detox uses weird combinations which make no sense, limits calories to ridiculous levels, lasts too long, often relies on a single nutritional source (Can you eat grapefruit for that many days in a row, I mean really) and puts you in a bad mood.

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We have just entered week 5 of 12 weeks into the FAll 2011 TLA Challenge.

Now month 1 (the graduation period) is over we are gradually distancing ourselves from high reps and moving towards higher intensities, lower reps with a greater focus on technique, nutrition and recovery.

With the boxing, three minute rounds have just been introduced.

In month 1 every single person lost body fat and increased strength.

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