A debate had started with a client. The client said, ” I need to lose weight. I have to do more cardio.”

I asked, “To lose weight, why do you have to do more slow, low intensive, longer duration activity that burns at best 600 calories/hour, is easy to plateau on and will comprimise strength?”

He said, “Because it makes me lose the fastest.”

Does it really? Not in my experience.

My job is to get results. Time period to achieve this: usually one to three months. Therefore, using what’s optimum is essential. This usually means progressive overload, recovery, positive nutritional changes & coaching.

On the other end of the spectrum most exercise programs have a different goal. They just want exercisers to exercise. So they entertain, amuse, keep clients busy, utilize programs that are idiotic in their overall design and create the illusion a work out is exhausting the client. This leads to a whole bunch of weird exercise myths which pursue. One is cardio will make you lose fat.

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